About a month ago I shared what I’m doing to lose weight and get fit. For those of you curious about the 30 Day Shred – I did 10 days at Level 1, 10 days at Level 2, then switched to Level 3. However, when I returned to working out after being sick, I went back down to level 2 for 3 workout sessions until I felt I had regained my strength, then back up to 3.

In my original post I talk about what I like about the 30 Day Shred and why it was motivating for me. So take a look if you are considering the Shred. It’s not for everyone. For example, if you have bad knees, or don’t like people yelling at you. 🙂 I also highly recommend you buy a good pair of cross-trianer shoes before starting to shred – don’t just use your old walking shoes like I did. As soon as I moved to Level 2 I realized I needed more support. Wish I would have had my new ones from the beginning. It made a huge different in my comfort and the quality of the workouts.

As you may recall, I had already lost 20 lbs between 1/1/09 and 12/30/09. My goal for 2010 is to lose 28 more. In fact, my plan is to hit that by my birthday in May. I also want to get down to my pre-pregnancy size of 8. So how did using the 30 Day Shred help me kick off my goals for the new year?

Results from shredding and eating healthy/cutting calories:
Lost 8.4 lbs
Lost 2 inches bust

Lost 3 inches waist

Lost 2 inches hips
Have muscles!

Current goals
Lose 20 more lbs
Lose 1-2 sizes
Continue exercising minimum of 5 days/week

I’ve also gotten a lot stronger and developed muscles in places I’ve never had before! (The 30 Day Shred video includes strength training with hand weights). People say muscle weighs more than fat, and I definitely feel like my body has been reshaped from the work outs even though I didn’t lose a dramatic amount of weight. That said, if my exercise routines continue to shape and build muscle, I may end up amending my goals. If I feel good about myself and am down to the size I want to wear again, I won’t kill myself to lose another 5-10 pounds.

Some of you have asked if I’m going to keep using the 30 Day Shred DVD, the answer is yes! The workouts are still great by themselves without having to do them every single day. I’ve also been starting to alternate the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michael’s DVD Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, which is a 45 minute hard-core cardio routine. I like having the longer cardio for calorie burning and taking a day off from the weights. And it’s just as killer of a workout as the Shred, yes it is!

Also, for a third option, when I really don’t want to work out at all, I’ve been doing a Yoga DVD to stretch out, work on balance and center myself. That’s been great! So my goal is to rotate those three options for now and keep working towards my goals. Speaking of Yoga, Jillian also just released a new Yoga DVD, and as you can expect, it looks hard core. I hope to pick it up soon.

One thing that has been great is all the support from my blog readers, my tweeps (that is twitter speak for peeps), and friends. Thank you for your encouragement and support! This cute girly next to me is Jen a.k.a. The Prior Fat Girl. If you are interested in losing weight, you should check out Jen’s blog. She’s so inspirational! Not only has she lost 100+ pounds, but she has openly shared her story and encourages others on her kickin’ blog!

Well, with such great support and discipline, I believe we can all be successful! Again, thank you, my dear friends, for your support and encouragement. Stay tuned – next update in about a month.

You may also be interested in hearing all about my next fitness goal – my Couch to 5K training plan…. I committed, I trained, and I ran my first 5K.

p.s. let’s connect on facebook, too.

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24 Responses to “30 Day Shred Results: Getting Fit Update”

  1. Minnesota Mami says:

    Awesome Missy! I have one week left on the 30-Day JumpStart DVD that I've been alternating with jogging outside…but just bought the 30-Day Shred video from Target…will be starting that one by the middle of March!

    Good work…lost 8.4 pounds! Keep that up and you will hit your goal by your b-day! Losing two pant sizes too…definitely awesome! I just dropped down my first (of hopefully many) pant sizes and it feels great!

  2. Anonymous says:

    did you follow a certain routine? switching from workout 1-2-3 each day or did you keep with a certain workout for a few days? I am on day 3 and I did a different workout each day and am wondering how I should procede…thanks 🙂

  3. The Marketing Mama says:

    Dear Anonymous, thanks for your question! I didn't know what to do at first either, but I found a blog called Shredheads and they gave good advice on how to get started. They recommended doing 10 days at level one, then 10 days at 2, then 10 days at three. So that's what I did. If you feel the workouts are getting too easy and you are doing the advanced moves (not modified) then you can move on sooner than 10 days to the next level. Check out their blog here:

  4. Kate says:

    This is such a great thing, Melissa. Every weight loss achievement deserves praise- it's a really difficult thing to do, to give yourself the gift of good health and a strong body, and to model that for your children at the same time. I'm really proud of your effort and of the goal you've attained. It's so empowering!

  5. Robin Marty says:

    wow — check out those collar bones! Looking good!

  6. Jan says:

    Congrats! I have been doing the Shred as well, just not as religiously (like 3 times a week). I can notice a difference though! Thanks for the post be-cuz I was curious to find out what type of results real people were having with it! Thanks for the shoe tip too…it was time for me to get new shoes anyway! (Isn't it always a good time to buy new shoes?)

  7. Kay says:

    Way to go Missy – Great results and #'s!
    My only regret when starting the Shred was not getting out the measuring tape. But the pants on the ground (w/out a belt)don't lie.

    I also recommend her No More Trouble Zone's DVD. That has been in the mix in my dvd player along with 30 Day and I lurrrrve it.
    I'll have to check out the other DVD's you mentioned too.

    Keep it up!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Missy–All I know for sure is after seeing you last week, you look wonderfully different and like you've lost FAR more than 8.4 pounds–so it's definately recognizable in more ways than pounds lost. You look absolutely GREAT overall. Awesome work!


  9. kristine says:

    Missy, you rock! Congrats to you on your success of finishing 30 days of this! Also, congrats on your losses! That is amazing!!! I'm so proud of you!!

    p.s. If you ever feel like sharing your before/after pics – you know I'm game to see! I LOVE before/after pics!

  10. andreaberg says:

    Congratulations on finishing 30-day Shred. So many people have been talking about it lately I thought that I would check it out. The funny thing is, the other day I was walking by my tv, the one in my bedroom, that I watch all the time and right there, lying right ontop of my DVD player is 30-Day Shred. Apparently I bought it when it first came out and never used it. I think it is time!

  11. LutherLiz says:

    Missy you are so inspiring to me. Congratulations!

  12. Christina Dann says:

    That's fantastic!! I love The 30 Day Shred. I've lost 20 lbs since January 1st doing The Shred and Weight Watchers 🙂 Keep it up, mama!

  13. The Fritz Facts says:

    Oh congrats Missy! You have done such a wonderful job sticking to what you wanted and working hard for it. I am very proud of you! Keep up the fantastic job!!

  14. Amber says:

    Well done! I am very impressed. Go Missy go!

  15. Unplanned Cooking says:

    I love how we all bring our own strengths to the blogging world (translation: I am so glad you & Jen are there to motivate me to get my butt in gear!).

  16. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Missy – Great Work! Amy

  17. Rebecca says:

    Wow – that's hard core! I wonder how much muscle weight you have gained. (Glad you are considering the muscle gain when looking at your weight loss.) It sounds like a lot since you can see the new muscle tone. I bet you feel great. Can't wait for more updates.

  18. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    I've read your post over and over again since you wrote it – and it's taken me this long to compose my thoughts. I still don't feel like I've figured out what exactly I can say that can convey how excited I am for you Missy. You are setting such an amazing example for your children and for those around you – continue to hold your head high and make one decision at a time. You are amazing!

  19. Gulf Coast Couple says:

    Great Results! Keep up the good work!

    When you get a chance, check out our results at

  20. Tikki says:

    I just bought the DVD, am axiously awaiting its arrival. I was lementing my post baby body when I rememberd you talking about the Shred, so here goes! Curious though, have you maintained?

    • Jesus says:

      I hope all this calms down soon, as it is not in anyone’s insteert for it to continue. That, I believe, is why the French prime minister called Nick Clegg on Friday afternoon [to build bridges].

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  22. Great post! I’m going to share this post along with some other success stories I’ve found on my 30 Day Shred results page. I hope to inspire others to try it out.

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