I’ve walked past a particular alley in Minneapolis at least 20 times over the years, probably more.

It’s just off a popular street where I’ve dined so many times I can’t count.

…and across the street from Loring Park, where the kids and I have walked and played so many days this summer.

Yet, I never looked down the alley, or took a few steps in. If I would have, I would have seen…

happy, colorful paper lanterns stretching across the alley…

….and stunning, old windows with shimmering glass. And iron streetlamps and flower boxes. 

and charming cobblestone streets.

But today I headed there, and was able to have a moment of discovery and take these photos after learning about it on the blog Minneapolis 81. And I’m so glad I did. 

Janelle, the author, is touring, photographing and blogging about all 81 of the Minneapolis neighborhoods. It’s an impressive site and I’m in awe at how much time she must spend touring and documenting her visits.  About a week ago I came across a newer post of hers on the Loring Neighborhood and read it with great interest, as I thought I already knew the area pretty well.

And that’s how I first heard of this quaint alley… and within the week made a point of visiting. So thank you, Janelle, for your time and work and dedication to exploring the beautiful city of Minneapolis… and taking us along with you.

You can visit Minneapolis 81 on the web, facebook and twitter.

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6 Responses to “A glimpse of Loring Alley, Minneapolis”

  1. Mindy says:

    I agree. It’s lovely. I was at Nick and Eddie this past weekend (my husband works there), and a random wedding party showed up to photograph in the alley.

  2. Kate says:

    There are a lot of really cool little spots around Loring Park. I’m so glad Janelle is documenting Minneapolis and all it’s unique places and neighborhoods. The city has so much to offer.

  3. Debbie says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing.
    I am constantly amazed at how often I miss things that are right in front of me!!

  4. Janelle says:

    Thank you for sharing the story of discovering a hidden gem within a neighborhood you know well. That is precisely why I love Minneapolis – you can walk down a street a million times and miss something. My project/blog is a labor of love and I am rewarded when I hear stories like yours. I also appreciate you letting others know about it! You took some great pics while in that alley!

  5. bethanyg says:

    The Loring Cafe used to serve out there in the summer, and would have a sax player sitting up on one of the balconies playing. Total, wonderful romantic cliche!

  6. […] Mama discovers a hidden gem: the alley behind Nick and Eddie.  It’s really quite lovely, and all summer long (not to mention fall) it is home to local […]



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