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Behind the blog

Greetings, I’m Missy (Berggren) Voronyak and my blog is Marketing Mama®, which is a reflection of two of my passions: being a mom and working in marketing. I’m married and live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN and have a wonderful husband and four children (2 bio/2 step) ages 10, 12, 16 and 18. We also have a joyful mini golden doodle named Ruby who gives us much love.

If you know me (or simply follow me on Twitter) you probably also know I also love skim lattes, sushi, theatre and pedicures. I like to share whatever is on my mind or heart – and that might be something as simple as a song or as complex as my thoughts on a heavy parenting topic. And since I’ve focused my career on marketing healthcare organizations, it’s no surprise I often talk about health issues here as well, such as nutrition and food allergies.

About the name “Marketing Mama”

If you’re here because you’re researching the name “Marketing Mama” – note that Marketing Mama® is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is protected by law. This means I have a legal certificate giving me all rights to the name and can easily shut down any unlawful use (which I have done many times). So please come up with something more original to save us both time.

Especially proud

Giving back

Tracking me down

I love to connect with readers. Please leave a comment if you like something you read… Or if you’d like to connect in other ways, you’ll find me over on Twitter and Facebook. If you have something personal to share or would like my ear on something, feel free to e-mail me. (I am not accepting guest posts at this time.)

If you from a company or agency looking to connect – please know I receive many pitches a day and am unable to respond to all requests. I love to hear about family events happening in and around Minnesota and often choose to share them with readers. I also am open to holding giveaways when there is a natural tie-in to my content and I believe it would be meaningful to my readers ($100 minimum value). I am most likely to be interested if your offer surrounds one of the following ideas: Family activities, food allergies, general health, music/the arts, parenting or education elementary-age kids.

Most of the things I write about here are items I’ve paid for myself, rather than free products I might accept. Out of respect to my readers and the law, I always disclose if I received free products or passes for the purposes of publicity.

The not-so-fine print

© 2015 Marketing Mama®. All rights reserved. Marketing Mama® name is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is protected by law. The web content, including images and posts, are protected by United States trademark and copyright laws. The name Marketing Mama® was first used in this space in May 2007. All content on this site is protected and may not be reproduced without permission – this includes scraping my content to feature on your site. My opinions do not reflect that of my employer.

The professional family portrait on this page and throughout the site are by Erica Hanna. You can see all my fave pics she took of us here: family = love.


Marketing Mama® features articles on parenting as a working mom, food allergies, home decor, family activities and cool products.


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