Babysitters who do craft projects with my kids, and clean them up, are extra awesome!

My biggest criteria is that a babysitter keeps my kids alive and happy while I’m away. Seriously. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

I invest a lot of time finding sitters that are mature and wise enough to care for a child with severe food allergies. And I put in some effort on the front end to make sure they have a good experience and little room to fail – such as preparing meals in advance and cleaning up the house so they are comfortable (and not judging me… ). 🙂

But some babysitters are better than others. And some are actually amazing. I had a new sitter today who blew away my expectations… and it got me thinking about what she did that really stood out to me. So I put together a list of things I really appreciate:

15 ways to be an awesome babysitter

  1. arrive on time
  2. pay close attention when I give (food, activity) instructions
  3. ask questions
  4. play with my kids, not just “watch them” – show interest in them!
  5. keep texting/talking to friends to a minimum or not at all
  6. encourage the kids to clean up after themselves after each activity
  7. pick up after themselves, too
  8. write down what the kids ate (serious bonus)
  9. give me a quick run down of what activities they did when I get home
  10. have the kids make their beds (whoa)
  11. wash the dishes from the meal they served, or at least put them in the dishwasher
  12. wash the dining room table and counters
  13. thank ME for the opportunity to watch my kids
  14. tell me they’d like to come back again
  15. shake my hand 🙂

 Again, just keeping my kids alive and happy? most important.

Parents, I’d love to hear what your expectations are when you have a sitter and what makes a sitter awesome in your eyes! 

 p.s. lets connect on facebook! and that twitter thing, too!

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8 Responses to “what makes a babysitter awesome?”

  1. Andreea says:

    Awesome post! Couldn’t agree with you more. I need to print this out and leave it on the fridge when my babysitter comes, lol!

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow – that is a great list! We have things we look for in a babysitter, but my favorite babysitter extra is that every time she leaves she has a nice comment like, “This gives me such a fun break from studying.” Makes us feel like she looks forward to spending time with our kids.

  3. Jenny F says:

    Wow on #13 and 14! That’s amazing.

    We had a babysitter once who felt guilty being paid to just sit around the house after our kids went to bed. So she washed my dishes (3 days worth, not just from that evening!), wiped down the countertops and dining room table, and organized our bookshelf in our living room which was half cluttered with kid’s toys and half the adult shelves they are supposed to be.

    Worth. Every. Dollar.

  4. Valerie says:

    Love this list! It make me so happy to know that our sitters are actually playing with the kids – I came home last week to see one of ours playing a hardcore game of freeze tag and the most creative brown bag puppets on the counter!

  5. Nice article! I believe that babysitters should not just watch the babies they also have responsibilitites to attend. They should also be influencial to the babies in a good way. The type of work for babysitters also varies to the babies needs. So, like they can teach babies to read, write and help babies develop their other skills.

  6. Britta says:

    As someone who has babysat for…12ish years now (I’m almost 25), I’d like to remind all the parents out there that getting a thank-you note in the mail or even a bit extra money here and there means a whole lot too! I used to babysit a family that would pay me literally (for example) $31.50…drove me crazy, 1) at least round up to the next dollar $32 or 2) maybe even round up to $35 because I (we) did extra work or dealt with a temper tantrum or had to capture the dog from running away or any other unexpected issue(s) arose! Some families I babysit for give me a bit extra money near my birthday and/or near Christmas and/or on New Year’s Eve. If you send out Christmas cards, send one to your babysitter. If I am devoting time to spend with your children that I love, send me their picture along with everyone else! Little gestures go a long way on our side too!

    I could probably write a whole long blog on this too!



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