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Hello friends – I’m writing from New York City tonight, where I’m honored to be attending a blogger summit hosted by Mylan, makers of the EpiPen.

Although I’m not strictly a “food allergy blogger,” I do write about food allergies often and am grateful to be here with so many talented writers & advocates. We had a great dinner tonight in the hotel where we could all meet for the first time. It was amazing to meet people I admire face-to-face, and humbling to meet people who actually recognize me or get excited to tell me which blog posts I wrote were meaningful to them. Oh how I love the Internet for bringing such amazing people into my life.

I’m excited to learn a lot tomorrow from some of the leading experts in the field! Especially Dr. Ruchi Gupta, who is a reknowned pediatric allergy researcher. She posted a blog post today with links to all the summit attendees if you’d like to see who I’m hanging with tonight and tomorrow.

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I was not paid to write about the conference or asked to promote Mylan Specialty in any way. They hosted the trip to the summit, which means they paid my travel expenses. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to learn more about this life-threatening illness and to help raise awareness in others. My opinions are my own and do not represent my employer or any organization I am part of.


Hello friends! I hope you are well and settling into the new year with fresh eyes and a peaceful heart and home.

I’ve been reflecting on this blog, and life in general, quite a bit since I flipped my calendar to January. In many ways, this was a bit more quiet place in 2012. I didn’t have (or make?) as much time to write as I have in the past. The kids and I had a pretty good year. We had a change in daycare, which required some adjustment, and there were a number of food allergy reactions and mysteries which baffled us. We took a trip up north to visit family and play at a water park. There were fun birthday parties, trips to museums, theaters, parks and zoos… we sure pack a lot of fun into our weekends. 🙂 And I squeezed in a couple of trips myself, to California for relaxation and Chicago to visit a friend.

Professionally, I spent much of my free time keeping up with my day job, which kept me hopping last year. I also joined the board for the Food Allergy Support Group of MN and became a part of the Social Media Breakfast team. Both meaningful activities for me to be a part of and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to give back in these ways. And of course, with an amazing planning team, we held  the 3rd successful MN Blogger Conference – something I’ve enjoyed planning since we kicked it off in 2010.

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opening remarks for the MN Blogger conference

Co-founder/Director Arik Hanson and I kicking off the Minnesota Blogger Conference Saturday morning. Photo courtesy of Julio Ojeda-Zapata.

Last Saturday was the 3rd annual MN Blogger Conference in Minneapolis. More than 200+ bloggers attended to network and learn from  15 talented speakers.

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have you shared your story lately?

in front of a crowd?

one on one with a friend?

on paper… or on a blog?

even facebook or twitter?

today i was reminded of the power of sharing our stories.

the connection we feel when we share a part of ourselves, the deep part we normally keep to ourselves, with another human being.

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Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 36. And someone important to me was getting married, so I spent it celebrating with the groom, his new wife and a handful of friends. Some people expressed surprise that I’d spend my birthday at a wedding. The way I see it, you get a lot of birthdays, you only get two or three weddings.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Today is Mother’s Day. The weather is gorgeous! I’m taking the kids to a baseball game. Not something I would typically choose to do on Mother’s Day, but the St. Paul Saints is having a special section for families with food allergies today and it will be much, much more safe for my child who has peanut allergies. I know my kiddos will love it, and so, despite the fact that baseball is the slowest, most boring sport I’ve ever seen, we will go and have fun.

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