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This recipe of dairy-free mac & cheese is one of my children’s favorite meals. I’ve tried other recipes that require a number of spices, crackers or other additives and they don’t come close to this version. With only four ingredients, you’ll be able to make fast, delicious and creamy mac and cheese you and your family will love!

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I’ve been doing this allergy-free cooking for 6 years now – imagine cooking for the holidays with no milk, no eggs, no nuts… but over the years I’ve figured out substitutions here and there. Most of the time it means making things by scratch, which can be time consuming.

This year our lives got a lot easier when So Delicious came out with a dairy free whipped topping called CoCo Whip! I found it in the freezer aisle at Whole Foods. They have a regular and a lite version. It stays frozen, but then you put it in the fridge for 4 hours before wanting to use it.

It tastes wonderful, of course there’s a hint of a coconut flavor since it’s, you know, made from coconuts. The texture is just as wonderful as a home made whipped topping or the other dairy-laden brands. The ingredients are top-8 allergen free, but do contain pea protein which some families with peanut allergies also avoid, so I thought I’d mention it.

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Yesterday I posted this picture of pickle roll ups on my Instagram account and people went crazy! Tons of likes and comments from people who love them – and a couple people who (gasp) had never heard of them before!

So I thought I better crossover to my blog and make sure to document the magic and deliciousness of pickle roll ups for those of you who haven’t been fortunate enough to try them yet.

You might ask yourself what type of event are pickle roll ups most suited for? And the answer is EVERY event. ­čÖé They are a crowd favorite at Minnesota events – such as summer BBQs, Easter, Thanksgiving and even Christmas. They are a bit labor intensive to make, so you don’t see them all the time. When they are around though, people usually become giddy with excitement and gobble them up as quickly as possible!

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One of my family’s favorite treats is Rocky Road candy. In fact, we love it so much, I’ve started reserving it for the holidays so we don’t overdo it all year long. My kids and I just made it this morning so I’m compelled to share it with all of you who might be looking for some fun new treats for the holiday season!

Rocky Road Candy

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We were excited to see Daiya frozen pizzas at our local Whole Foods. We’ve enjoyed their cheese shreds and wedges for some time and were thrilled to hear about new products hitting the shelves.

Until now, we’ve been making pizza from scratch using Pillsbury pizza crust dough, tomato sauce and Daiya shreds. It tasted great, but was time consuming.

The new Daiya pizzas come in four flavors:

  • Cheeze Lover’s
  • Margherita
  • Fire-Roasted Vegetable
  • Mushroom & Roasted Garlic

They are free of the top 8 allergens – that means free of the common problem-ingredients for families with food allergies such as wheat, soy, eggs and milk.

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