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Santa & me circa 1978.

Today a friend sent me an email and wished me happy holidays. She remarked how this must be a magical time of year for me and my children.

I looked at that word magical in disbelief.

Shock, even.

I’m spinning around in a tornado of sick kids, school events,¬†too-much-snow, bad traffic, birthday party to pull off and end-of-year deadlines at work.

(I’m tempted to add some single-parent woes, but suffice it to say that everything is tougher to pull off when your kids outnumber you and you need to be in three places at once.)

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today was one of those days.

one of those days when I ran from meeting to meeting.

used the F word way more than I should

because strange things kept happening.

I rushed from work to kid pick-ups (two places)

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The first spring after my divorce, my neighbor said, “you’re growing a forest up there,” pointing to my gutters. My heart sank. I told him that I was single now and had absolutely no idea how to clean gutters, let alone use a ladder.

He and his wife took pity on me and cleaned my gutters. I was eternally grateful, and the kids and I brought them a small plant and note to thank them.

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Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 36. And someone important to me was getting married, so I spent it celebrating with the groom, his new wife and a handful of friends. Some people expressed surprise that I’d spend my birthday at a wedding. The way I see it, you get a lot of birthdays, you only get two or three weddings.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Today is Mother’s Day. The weather is gorgeous! I’m taking the kids to a baseball game. Not something I would typically choose to do on Mother’s Day, but the St. Paul Saints is having a special section¬†for families with food allergies today and it will be much, much more safe for my child who has peanut allergies. I know my kiddos will love it, and so, despite the fact that baseball is the slowest, most boring sport I’ve ever seen, we will go and have fun.

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It’s been two years since our family experienced the split of divorce. In the beginning it was very difficult for the children to understand what was happening, express their feelings and manage the difficulties that come with transitioning between two homes. One of the many things I did to help them was to seek out age-appropriate books on divorce.

In this short video, I feature four of the books I’ve found particularly helpful for my children.

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