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Yesterday I posted this picture of pickle roll ups on my Instagram account and people went crazy! Tons of likes and comments from people who love them – and a couple people who (gasp) had never heard of them before!

So I thought I better crossover to my blog and make sure to document the magic and deliciousness of pickle roll ups for those of you who haven’t been fortunate enough to try them yet.

You might ask yourself what type of event are pickle roll ups most suited for? And the answer is EVERY event. :) They are a crowd favorite at Minnesota events – such as summer BBQs, Easter, Thanksgiving and even Christmas. They are a bit labor intensive to make, so you don’t see them all the time. When they are around though, people usually become giddy with excitement and gobble them up as quickly as possible!

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A few days ago, my son was in the ER, transferred to a second hospital by ambulance and admitted overnight. To respect his privacy, I’m not sharing details about my son’s illness. Thankfully, he was discharged from the hospital and is back at school, in good spirits and doing well. Like most parents, my focus was 100% on my son and making sure he was well taken care of while everything was happening. But after everything had settled, I needed to take time to process what had happened. That’s what this poem is about. Thanks everyone for your support, we really appreciate it.


everything stops

when children are sick.

not just cough, cold, sneeze, vomit sick,

but life-threatening, rush to the ER sick.

luckily I’ve only had to face this horror

a couple of times in my life – ambulances,

too many doctors and nurses and

repeating myself and questioning everything,

advocating and watching like a mother (bear)

to make sure nothing (else) bad happens.

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Has a stranger ever done something nice for you? Better yet, have you ever done something nice for a stranger?

Of course, I live in a State where people rattle off “Minnesota Nice” as an attribute, so maybe it’s just a matter of geography.

But in the last six months I’ve noticed an uptick in people talking about, and doing, random acts of kindness and emphasizing “pay it forward.”

And surprisingly, in the last few months, a random stranger bought me lunch anonymously at a restaurant… and a handful of people have bought me coffee in the drive thru at the coffee shop near my office. It’s pretty amazing to be on the receiving end of random acts of kindness. It lifts my spirits and I feel immediately grateful.

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We paint wooden Easter eggs each year – they are safe for egg allergies and beautiful keepsakes.

Easter can be tricky with dietary limitations, especially for kids who want to experience Easter traditions, such as eating chocolate bunnies, going on egg hunts and dying Easter eggs!

I’ve searched for alternatives for the past 5 years for my daughter (who has severe food allergies to eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish) and have come up with a number of great options for treats and traditions to share with you. Have other tips and fave products I’ve missed? Leave them in the comments!

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Lately I’ve been watching episodes of Long Island Medium on Netflix. If you’ve never seen the show, a psychic medium named Theresa Caputo performs readings for people to help deliver messages from loved ones who have passed. Theresa has a big personality, big hair and a thick New York accent (at least compared to the folks here in Minnesota!). I love watching her give readings and I’m always, without fail, in tears by the end of the show as she helps people find peace about the death of their loved one.

My Grandma Joanie, mom and me as a small child. Mid 1970s.

And it’s made me think more about my grandparents who have died. Three people I loved dearly – my great grandmother, my grandma and my grandfather. If what we see on Long Island Medium (and what many others believe) is true, then these relatives of mine could still be hanging around, watching over us, celebrating special occasions with us and sometimes even intervening to protect us.



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