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Some of you may remember when I first talked about the new Veta Smart Case for EpiPens.

It’s an exciting idea – a smart case that can alert you if you or your child ever forgets their life-saving medication, or if it gets too hot or cold, or if they open it and you need to rush into action.

I had the opportunity to meet the people behind Veta at the Food Allergy Blogger Conference and asked them to give me a demonstration so I could share it all with you.

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A prototype of a new epinephrine auto-injector by Windgap Medical. See the video of my interview with the President & CEO of the company.

A prototype of a new epinephrine auto-injector by Windgap Medical. See the video of my interview with the President & CEO of the company.

The allergy community cried out this week when news hit that Sanofi is abandoning the smaller, talking Auvi-Q – which means it may not be returning to pharmacies any time soon. While most families carry EpiPens – the leading epinephrine auto-injector available – many struggle with the size, portability and temperature sensitivity of the device.

While there are no similar products to Auvi-Q on the market right now, there are two epinephrine injectors in development that will interest those at risk of anaphylaxis. In fact, they are both smaller and more portable than the Auvi-Q, and one of them intends to be temperature stable which can withstand both hot and cold temperatures.

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Holy smokes, I’m getting a lot of questions this week about food allergies and Halloween – which makes me super happy!

What is the Teal Pumpkin Project? Are you doing it?

Do kids with severe food allergies even go trick or treating? How is that safe?

Do you have tips for families with food allergies on how to take some of the focus off of candy?

What are some allergy-friendly candies I could give out this year? Where can I buy it?

What else can I do to make my house an allergy-friendly stop for children with food allergies? 

I’ve covered some of these topics in previous posts over the years, but I’m going to take a crack at answering all of these questions in one post. Hold onto your pumpkins, ladies and gentlemen!

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Going back to work with a new baby at home means breastfeeding moms start thinking about pumping. And many moms ask themselves or friends, “How can I pump more breastmilk?” After nursing two babies, I learned some tricks and found my groove, and I know you can, too!

Here are some tips I have after pumping at work for two babies – my favorite is #3, most people don’t know about this one!

1. Focus – Focus on pumping, not work. Don’t work or talk on the phone when pumping, especially in the beginning. Every time I tried to think about anything important during my pumping sessions I pumped noticeably less milk. So use the time to relax.

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I’ve been playing around with Periscope, the new live streaming app you can get on iphone and droid smartphones. I encourage everyone to download it and check it out (and follow me there!). Recently, while grocery shopping, I thought I’d try live streaming to see if anyone was interested in hearing and seeing the types of foods I buy. Interestingly, there were people who joined throughout the entire 20 minutes or so and a few folks who asked questions.

I saved a copy of my “scope” here and uploaded to YouTube. Feel free to watch it here to see what types of products we buy.

You can find more of my food allergy posts, tips & recipes on my Food Allergy page. I’d also love to connect with you on my Marketing Mama facebook page and twitter. This post, and all posts on this blog, are written from my experiences as a parent of a child with food allergies. I am not a medical expert and encourage you to consult with a doctor on your personal medical situation.


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