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Some of you may remember when I first talked about the new Veta Smart Case for EpiPens.

It’s an exciting idea – a smart case that can alert you if you or your child ever forgets their life-saving medication, or if it gets too hot or cold, or if they open it and you need to rush into action.

I had the opportunity to meet the people behind Veta at the Food Allergy Blogger Conference and asked them to give me a demonstration so I could share it all with you.

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Learn more about the new Veta Smart Case for your EpiPen that connects with you through an app on your smart phone.

What I’m about to share with you is a game changer for the world of food allergies. Seriously.

If you or your child or partner carries an EpiPen for severe allergies, ask yourself if you have you ever:

  • left home without your emergency medications and not realize it until you’re far away?
  • worried that your medication got too hot or too cold when you accidentally left it in your car?
  • had anxiety about your child at school or daycare and want to make sure you are alerted immediately if they have a reaction?
  • tried to remember when the medication expires, but it’s at another location and you can’t check it?

Watching TV has never been an important part of my life. Except for certain shows I’ve gotten hooked on through the years. You know, the classics (for my generation), like Friends & ER. And then later LOST & Grey’s Anatomy.

I remember being so excited when I bought my first new TV when I graduated from college. A 25 inch Panasonic “box” TV that I saved up to pay for. My dear friend Jim Heaslip (who has since passed away) wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing and went with me to buy it. And he carried that heavy TV by himself up 3 flights of stairs at my apartment building. What a great guy. What a great memory.

My paycheck barely covered the cost of rent and my student loans. So I made the wise decision not to get cable TV. I lived just fine with my “rabbit ears” antenna and the local channels for many years. When I got married and eventually moved into a house, the TV came with me. I still didn’t find a need to get cable, even when I had kids and could benefit from some of those 24 hour cartoon stations. Instead, I bought DVDs for my kids to watch. You know, smart ones like Signing Time and Baby Einstein. That is until they were old enough to watch annoying shows, like Spongebob Squarepants. (sigh)

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My kiddos were thrilled to take a Town Car to school this week. We used the Uber app to save the day when our minivan’s battery died.

I love my iPhone and am always on the lookout for ways technology can make a positive difference in my life, such as using Google Maps for directions, Evernote for keeping track of a ton of things and even ordering my groceries from Coborns Delivers.

A couple months ago I learned about Uber when traveling on business. It’s pretty slick – you can call a cab or town car by opening the app, seeing which cars are nearby and ordering one to pick you up. Then you can watch the car you ordered move on the map until it reaches your location. It shows you a picture of the driver and his/her name so you know who to expect. And you preload it with your credit card information so you never have to pay or tip the driver at all during the ride – Uber takes care of it for you. They text you as the car is approaching and immediately send you a receipt to your email after the ride. BRILLIANT.

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Most of the Moms I know are super smart, tech-savvy, multi-tasking feministas who adore gifts that are as thoughtful and smart as they are. Here are my top ideas for fun, forward thinking gifts for Mother’s Day.

All gifts I’d love to receive… hint. cough. hint. 🙂

1. Caffeine molecule travel mug

Mom will have some serious geek cred with this coffee mug. $12.99 via


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