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Most of the Moms I know are super smart, tech-savvy, multi-tasking feministas who adore gifts that are as thoughtful and smart as they are. Here are my top ideas for fun, forward thinking gifts for Mother’s Day.

All gifts I’d love to receive… hint. cough. hint. 🙂

1. Caffeine molecule travel mug

Mom will have some serious geek cred with this coffee mug. $12.99 via


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Kids today navigate tablets and smart phones as easily as Legos. They see new apps they want and beg us to download them. Or, they earn their own money to pay for the apps, downloading apps with or without parent involvement.

Today the Star Tribune ran an article Frustrated parents say app ratings fall short. Not all apps are rated appropriately, and parents argue that some apps shouldn’t be on the market at all. I was quoted towards the end of the article about my experiences downloading apps and how it can be confusing.

So how do we know which apps are appropriate? Both iTunes and Google have rating systems for apps. Just like TV, movies and video games do – but unfortunately each of them have different rating systems. Even if there are issues with the rating systems, it’s a good idea to check out the rating before you download an app. I also try to preview/play the app before turning it over to my kids just to be sure.

If you haven’t noticed the ratings before, take a look the next time you download an app. You’ll see the official content rating listed. So you know what you are looking for, here are rating descriptions for both iTunes and Google Play.

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opening remarks for the MN Blogger conference

Co-founder/Director Arik Hanson and I kicking off the Minnesota Blogger Conference Saturday morning. Photo courtesy of Julio Ojeda-Zapata.

Last Saturday was the 3rd annual MN Blogger Conference in Minneapolis. More than 200+ bloggers attended to network and learn from  15 talented speakers.

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Last year I wrote a couple of posts about my favorite apps – here and here. I was having a blast with my Droid and getting a lot of use out of it. It was fun to share what apps I was enjoying and hear about yours, too. However, as much as I liked my Droid, I hated how it crashed all the time. I went through three or four different models in a short period of time before crying uncle and moving over to the iPhone. And I haven’t looked back, once. I heart my iPhone!

Droid v. iPhone – Yes, there are a few differences between the apps (and apps available) between the Droid and iPhone. My experience is that, for the most part, the apps are fairly similar although there are some that are exclusive to each. I’ve learned from my tech friends that the Droid market is open to developers and apps can be published easily and available early – whereas the Apple store has tighter restrictions on what apps they’ll allow and have a review process of sorts. What this means for the consumer? With the Droid you’ll get faster access to cutting edge technology and apps. With the iPhone you’ll get a more stable platform, higher quality (read: vetted) apps and a higher chance your phone can handle extreme multi-tasking – especially if you are an intensive superuser like me.

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