Alex and me on his 5th birthday. Love.

I have a thing for birthdays. For my kids. While I’m celebrating with them and for them, of course, there’s also a part of me that’s celebrating for me, too. You see, giving birth, bringing these amazing souls into the world — the anniversary of that monumental event in my life is definitely something to celebrate. And, well, who wouldn’t want to take the day off work and have fun with their kiddo? That’s our tradition each year.

Alex wanted to spend the bulk of the day at Nickelodeon Universe. For those of you who don’t live in Minnesota, the Mall of America has an amazing indoor amusement park. There are rides just for kids, and plenty of rides for adults, too.

Check out all the fun things he did…

First stop? The carousel.

Sponge Bob’s House? Yes, it’s like a big bouncy house. But it’s a pineapple.

They only let a handful of kids in at one time. Smart peeps.

While he was jumping away, I turned around and almost fainted when I saw this. They were wearing harnesses, but it still looked scary! It went all the way up to the ceiling!

Alex always loves driving cars.
(only 10 more years before he drives a real car)

He rode the kid roller coaster. And laughed a lot. Just look at that face.

That’s where the free stuff ended, and I opened my wallet for this:

Alex has wanted his face painted for a long time. Not just the little cheek paintings they do at other places, but FULL face painting. I thought he might want something fierce, like a lion or tiger – but he was all about the butterfly. And that’s cool.

Especially because they had a real butterfly exhibit! Here’s Alex trying to coax butterflies to land on his arms.

We stopped at Build-a-Bear and Alex found a new horse friend.
He named him “Horsey.” 🙂
We needed to recharge before we hit the road. An ice cream cone for Alex.
And Tiger Sushi for mama. While he wasn’t interested in trying my spicy tuna roll, I had fun teaching him about sushi and chopsticks. Here he helped mix the wasabi into my soy sauce.
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8 Responses to “Celebrating Alex’s birthday at Mall of America and Nickelodeon Universe”

  1. That One Mom says:

    I had no idea about the free birthday admission! That info would have come in handy last year when I took my daughter for her bday.

    I do love the reduced late day fees, though! It's a great way to have the kids let out ther energy!

  2. Amy says:

    This is SO cool. We usually do something similar for birthdays for our kids. Something just the 4 of us. Thanks for posting about this. I love the face painting. Great post!!

  3. Sarah (Fat Little Legs) says:

    Awww… I love it! He had a great day I'm sure. We did the free birthday thing at MOA the past 2 years, and it has been awesome. Also ask for the birthday coupon booklet when you buy your ticket. It has all sorts of free stuff in it.

  4. Emma says:

    What a fun day! Thanks for the tip on the free birthday pass!

  5. kate hopper says:

    Happy birthday to Alex and to his wonderful mama! It looks like you had a wonderful day together!

  6. Amber says:

    Looks like a great day. Happy birthday to Alex, and happy birth-ing day to you!

  7. Kat says:

    OMG, the picture of Alex trying to catch butterflies just about killed me – it was the perfect picture of how children roll!

  8. trishatfox says:

    Happy Birthday to Alex. Looks like a great day.



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