Two of the speakers today are Ruchi Gupta, MD, and Sloane Miller, aka Allergic Girl.

Today we heard Dr. Gupta speak on All About Anaphylaxis where she shared more info about on the food allergy research she’s published and Sloane Miller shared on How to Develop Food Allergy Confidence.

They were both wonderful speakers and shared professional and personal stories about their experiences with food allergies. I’ll share more info from the day and what I learned from the rest of the group in a follow up post when I get home. In the meantime, I want to encourage you to visit their web sites and get to know their work if you haven’t already.

Dr. Ruchi Gupta’s site is Food Allergy Experience
Sloane Miller’s site is Allergic Girl

Thanks to Mylan for hosting this event to help educate the group on food allergies, anaphylaxis and EpiPen auto-injector.


I was not paid to write about the conference or asked to promote Mylan Specialty in any way. They hosted the trip to the summit, which means they paid my travel expenses. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to learn more about this life-threatening illness and to help raise awareness in others. My opinions are my own and do not represent my employer or any organization I am part of.

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2 Responses to “Checking in from the Food Allergy Blogger Summit”

  1. Heidi Bayer says:

    Great to have met you at the conference – hope your flight home was alright.

  2. Missy says:

    Thanks Heidi, it was great to meet you, too! Such a wonderful event and a highlight was meeting the other attendees! 🙂



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