We paint wooden Easter eggs each year – they are safe for egg allergies and beautiful keepsakes.

Easter can be tricky with dietary limitations, especially for kids who want to experience Easter traditions, such as eating chocolate bunnies, going on egg hunts and dying Easter eggs!

I’ve searched for alternatives for the past 5 years for my daughter (who has severe food allergies to eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish) and have come up with a number of great options for treats and traditions to share with you. Have other tips and fave products I’ve missed? Leave them in the comments!

Dying eggs and egg hunts

Don’t let an egg allergy stand in your way of this fun tradition! There are a number of artificial eggs you can buy and paint that work great. We use wooden craft eggs from Michael’s Crafts stores, but you can also find them on etsy and a number of other online retailers. We use tempera paints (double-checking ingredients to make sure they are egg-free) and then when they are dry I spray them with an acrylic coating to finish. I write our names on the eggs with a permanent marker and we have fun pulling them out each year. I display them in a bowl on the table as a centerpiece and love it.

There are also ceramic eggs and plastic eggs on the market you can dye like real eggs. Egg Nots are popular and look beautiful online, although I haven’t tried them. I’ve also seen plastic dye-able eggs at the store for even cheaper.

We use the traditional brightly-colored plastic eggs that open up for egg hunts either in the house or in the yard. I usually put jelly beans in there. When invited to go to egg hunts at other’s houses, I always double check to make sure they are using plastic eggs and not real ones, and ask what type of treats they use. I’ll be prepared to trade out “safe” treats for any that aren’t safe for my daughter.

Safe treats – bunnies and eggs and more!

Every Easter basket deserves a chocolate bunny and special treats! I’ve had great luck buying them online, although admittedly they are much pricier than the traditional “unsafe” ones, but I feel it’s worth it. Here are a few to check out that are milk, egg and nut free (and I believe most are gluten free, as well). I can recommend most of these from personal experience, but there are a few we haven’t tried yet that look great!

Benny the Chocolate Bunny from Premium Chocolatiers







Vincent Van Vegan Painter Bunny 







Mikey the Magical Milkless Bunny from Premium Chocolatiers 







Chocolate Bunny Rabbit from Divvies







Fresh Marshmallow Bunny in Dark Chocolate






Milkless Easter Eggs from Premium Chocolatiers 






Milkless Easter Eggs with Hatchlings from Premium Chocolatiers 






Fancy Creme Egg from Indie Candy







Mini PeaNOT Butter Cups from Premium Chocolatiers 






Easter Jelly Beans from Divvies







 Assorted Easter Jelly Beans from Gimbal’s Fine Candies 





 Easter Egg Crystal Lollipop from Indie Candy






Surf Sweets Gummy Worms









Have a happy and safe Easter celebration! 

I was not compensated by these companies in any way. Please check labels carefully to make sure they are safe for your family. You can find more of my food allergy posts, tips & recipes on my Food Allergy page. I’d also love to connect with you on my Marketing Mama facebook page and twitter. This post, and all posts on this blog, are written from my experiences as a parent of a child with food allergies. I am not a medical expert and encourage you to consult with a doctor on your personal medical situation.

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