If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been working hard to update our house the last few (okay 9) months. Jason bought our house about six months before we met┬áand didn’t put much time or effort into decorating since he knew at some point I might want to be a part of that equation. ­čÖé

About six months after we married, I started working with my friend Michelle who is an interior designer (Chelle Interior Design) to begin transforming our main level into a functional space that reflected our family and felt like home. We planned through the fall and started the hard work right before the holidays. We’re not quite finished yet – we still need to add drapes and electrical outlets and more decor pieces… but I’m excited to share some of the progress we’ve made.

We really are blessed to have a wonderful house in a great neighborhood. The problem was the inside was pretty 90’s with lots of oak everywhere, I mean… everywhere… and a yellowish cream paint in every single room – except the dining room. That was mint green. Ha. My goal was to update the colors, change or paint some of the oak and update the light fixtures. Oh, and find a couch that could fit all 6 of us, and our dog Ruby at once. ­čÖé

When I first walked in this house I was wowed by the entryway. It opens up to the second floor with a big staircase and giant chandelier. But it needed some love and new lights.

This is what the entry way looked like when you walked in the door, going up the stairs and into the dining room. These are actually in-progress photos – you can see the pencil marks and beginning of the new white trim detail if you look closely.

And this is it from the top of the stairs. The shades on the windows made the room dark and closed up. And the closet, well, I wasn’t able to talk my husband into letting me rip it out to make it more spacious. So, our designer tried to think of a way to make it “disappear” so people would stop asking us what we were going to put up on that ledge to decorate. ­čśë

She created a great plan┬áto add visual detail and dimension with wood trim and paint the entire area white. Once we got started on painting, I decided we should also paint the wood railing instead of leaving it oak… and it turned out really well!

This summer we are going to replace the front door so we didn’t bother painting it right now – then the entry┬ádoor interior will be white, too. We replaced the chandelier but need a special ladder to hang all the glass drops – so that hasn’t happened yet. There are more than 400 pieces, so that will be quite the project.

We also painted the hallway at the top of the stairs a light gray to coordinate with the dark gray on the railing and replaced the two hallway lights up there to match with the new chandelier. We aren’t going to paint all of the oak trim in the house at this point so the doorways upstairs were left untouched.

Last weekend I found this gray cabinet with distressed mirrors which fits perfectly. I am still looking for artwork or a mirror that fits the space above it and a new rug in our new colors to put by the front door. Oh, and put on new switch plates to match the new paint.

I love walking in the front entrance now! The wood work feels elegant and draws the eyes all the way up. And I have a feeling the new chandelier will be stunning once it’s put together!

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