Food Allergies in our Family

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Well, friends, we found out yesterday that Avery has significant food allergies. We had her tested due to her scary reaction to egg last week. I was also suspecting cow’s milk, as she’s had some strange reactions in her first week on the stuff after turning 12 mo.

She is allergic to: peanuts (tree nuts), milk, soy, eggs.

That’s a lot! Just think about all the things you eat with those things in them!

My head is spinning. I know we’ll figure it out. But it’s overwhelming.

Here’s what I know: The nut allergy will be lifelong and challenging to manage. She *may* grow out of the others. We have many more questions than we have answers. Our first meeting with an allergist is a week from Monday. In the meantime we need to become a nut/peanut-free house, eliminate all dairy and soy and egg from Avery’s diet AND my diet (still nursing).

Thanks everyone. More info to come.

Edited to add: Many months later, we are managing Avery’s food allergies very well. You can learn more about our journey with food allergies here.

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