It was so much fun decorating the house for the holidays. It took so long to remodel, decorating for the holidays was the ultimate payoff! Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of hanging Christmas stockings from a fireplace mantle. We never had a fireplace growing up, well not much of anything for that matter. It makes me appreciate the comforts in my life today so much. And it’s a dream come true to decorate our gorgeous reclaimed mantle and custom shelves for the holidays this year. 

With a wreath where the clock hung and garland laced with lights, reindeer stocking hangers and beautiful stockings. I re-purposed our candle pillars and added in red flicker candles. And lots of blankets and pillows and Santas and our little tree with colorful lights. It’s such a cozy, colorful room, especially when Jason builds a fire most evenings.

Holiday cheer greeting guests in our entryway. Loving these plaid reindeer from Pottery Barn with my whole heart. We took down the mirror from the wall to replace with a wreath. What an easy way to transform the entire space! I’m also so impressed with how a little swag adds texture.

I’m also so excited to have our Christmas tree in the front of the house in our bay window. It’s a smaller tree than we’ve had before, but there’s something nice about it fitting “just right” in the window, white lights sparkling and decorated with white & gold (and some silver) ornaments. Heavy on the stars and angels. And that nice gold and white Santa on the floor.

If you’re wondering where all the kids homemade ornaments are, look back up at the first picture of the family room – there’s a small tree in there with colored lights and colorful ornaments.

Finally, I loved decorating the dining room! I wanted to keep the room light and airy, so we kept a lot of the basic white and silver decor pieces we already had and added a fluffy white table throw and wreath centerpiece with white sugar candles. We also added some garland, large ornaments, a faux poinsettia and a beautiful silver reindeer Jason and the kids bought me. It feels so elegant and beautiful.

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