My kiddos were thrilled to take a Town Car to school this week. We used the Uber app to save the day when our minivan’s battery died.

I love my iPhone and am always on the lookout for ways technology can make a positive difference in my life, such as using Google Maps for directions, Evernote for keeping track of a ton of things and even ordering my groceries from Coborns Delivers.

A couple months ago I learned about Uber when traveling on business. It’s pretty slick – you can call a cab or town car by opening the app, seeing which cars are nearby and ordering one to pick you up. Then you can watch the car you ordered move on the map until it reaches your location. It shows you a picture of the driver and his/her name so you know who to expect. And you preload it with your credit card information so you never have to pay or tip the driver at all during the ride – Uber takes care of it for you. They text you as the car is approaching and immediately send you a receipt to your email after the ride. BRILLIANT.

I had heard that Uber was now in effect in the Twin Cities area, but I hadn’t had a need to use it at home yet. Until yesterday morning when the kids and I were headed out the door to get to school and my car wouldn’t start. The battery was dead – I had, once again, left the interior lights on and they drained the battery. (SIDENOTE TO TOYOTA: Can you PLEASE install auto-off lights in the minivans? Please?!)

We needed to get to school ASAP and I knew it could take up to an hour to get a truck from AAA. I was processing out loud to problem solve and my 5 year old kiddo chimed in, “Maybe we should get a taxi, Mom!” he said. A ha! Yes, of course! I pulled out my uber app and encouraged the kids to watch along as I ordered up a ride for us. There were no taxis available near us, but there was a town car 15 minutes away. I wished it was closer, but it was better than nothing, so I bit. We watched the car move along the map to get to our house and had a fun ride to school (and then back home again for me). The entire experience cost me $22, but it was money well spent in a pinch.

They both had a blast getting a special ride to school and were only a few minutes late after all. Avery said, “Mom, this is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!” 🙂

When we were waiting for the car to arrive at the house, I used my AAA app to call for a service truck to jump my battery. I prefer the roadside assistance app to calling the 800# (now that I’ve tried both). There are no auto-menus you have to listen to and they get the order in right away. On the ride back home from school, a AAA rep was calling to confirm a truck was on the way and would be there in less than 5 minutes.

So while I would have preferred to keep the money in my pocket and wish I wouldn’t have accidentally left the lights on in my vehicle, I have to say it was a pretty awesome experience to use Uber and AAA apps to save the day. If you want to give Uber a try, you can download the app and use my invite code v5vw9 for $10 off your first fare.


Note: I was not paid in any way for my experiences with these companies. These are my own opinions based on my experiences. I am not affiliated with either company, although if you use my invite code with Uber, I will also receive a $10 fare reduction as a referral bonus (standard).



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One Response to “how the Uber app saved the day”

  1. Katie says:

    I used Uber on St. Patricks day in St. Paul and was amazed that it worked!!! (I assumed with a drunken holiday it wouldn’t). I love when kids have the best ideas, what a smart thinker!



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