These two kiddos begged me to learn karate for at least a year before I gave in. And you know what? I’m so glad I did.

For a year now they’ve been attending classes twice a week, sometimes three, through National Karate. They’ve each grown so much taller they’ve already had to increase their uniform size once during the year. They’ve gone from no belt to white belt to gold belt to green stripe to green belt to green belts with purple stripes…. in other words these kiddos have kicked some serious karate butt.

And yesterday they participated in their first tournament. And it was amazing. Look how bright and shiny they were first thing in the morning! Seriously they’ve been practicing for so long!

They both had two competitions – one where they demonstrated their form (a series of karate stances). Avery’s performance was solo and was not a competition. He was given a trophy for the achievement of participating, which he is so proud of. “I was nervous on the inside, but strong on the outside, Mom,” he told me afterwards. Alex and a classmate teamed up for their form performance. They took 3rd place out of 7 teams (from various schools) and they were so very, very proud.

And then in the afternoon they both had sparring performances, where they fought other kids they had never met before. Avery won a participation medal and Alex took third place out of all the kids participating in his section. Again, amazing that both of them did this. All padded up, fighting other kids? Ack. Unfortunately they were both sparring at the same time in different parts of the building so we had to split up to see them. I need to get the videos from all of their performances and upload because… oh my heart it’s so very neat to see. More to come!




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