For the last few years, I’ve majorly stressed out over Halloween. There was this post Oh Halloween… you stress me out where I detailed all the ways the holiday freaked me out… and then this one where I worked on empowering my little one before she could read: How to help kids with food allergies on Halloween.

This year, somehow in the business of it all, I decided to just roll with it… to keep the emphasis on fun and not on “staying safe.” Of course I worked hard to keep her safe – but it was all in my head, something I took accountability for and let her focus on the fun. And I’m happy to say it worked.

Maybe it’s because I’m older and wiser… or because she’s older and wiser… we’ve both been doing this food allergy thing for nearly 6 years now. And this was the best Halloween we’ve had yet!

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We’re participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project.

Holy smokes, I’m getting a lot of questions this week about food allergies and Halloween:

What is the Teal Pumpkin Project? Are you doing it?

Do kids with severe food allergies even go trick or treating? How is that safe?

Do you have tips for families with food allergies on how to take some of the focus off of candy?

What are some allergy-friendly candies I could give out this year? Where can I buy it?

What else can I do to make my house an allergy-friendly stop for children with food allergies? 

I’ve covered some of these topics in previous posts over the years, but I’m going to take a crack at answering all of these questions in one post. Hold onto your pumpkins, ladies and gentlemen!

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Have you ever been to a corn maze? I’ve heard about them but haven’t actually been to one until now. We headed to Sever’s Corn Maze last weekend to check it out and had a great time! I expected a corn maze and some pumpkins – what I didn’t expect was all the fun activities they also had an exotic animal petting zoo, a giant corn pit, magic shows,a giant jumping pillow, pig races, pony rides, camel rides, great food… wow we kept busy! Here are some pictures from our afternoon:

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On Wednesday a friend asked me to think of a positive intention for my life. My response was “finding balance.” You all know what I mean – when you give enough of your time and self to feel like you are making a positive difference, without giving so much of yourself that you get depleted and your physical body and soul suffers. And then the very next day, I had two very literal examples of balance slap me into attention.

The first was falling down the stairs. Well, more like slipped down. I was carrying two (empty) laundry baskets in one hand and a suitcase (also empty) in my right hand to bring downstairs. I was wearing slippers, and with about 3 or 4 steps left, my feet slipped in front of me and I fell hard on my behind, pounding down one, two, three steps before I got to the bottom. I was a bit stunned and ended up with a both a bruise and pain that I needed to use both ice packs and ibuprofen later. I remember thinking to myself, “Why was I carrying all these things at once?” but of course I knew the answer, it was because it was more efficient and I could be done faster. Heck, I could have just let the laundry baskets slide down the steps on their own and follow with just the suitcase.

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Have you heard about the new butterfly exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota? We couldn’t wait to check it out and are grateful we were invited as guests on a media pass. We love the Science Museum of Minnesota and we are big butterfly lovers in this house (see how we raised a butterfly a couple of years ago)!

It did not disappoint! Jason and I brought all four kids to the museum – the butterfly exhibit includes both a butterfly house where you can interact with live butterflies and an Omnitheater film: “Flight of the Butterflies.” We had the opportunity to experience both and had a wonderful time!

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