Mylan, the pharmaceutical company that makes EpiPen, confirmed to me today by email that they are no longer working with Adrian Peterson as a paid spokesperson for their anaphylaxis awareness campaign. “Mylan has ended all activities with Adrian Peterson. We remain committed to supporting those managing potentially life-threatening allergies and will continue our educational efforts to increase anaphylaxis awareness,”¬†said Julie Knell of Mylan, director of specialty communications.

These actions by Mylan to stop working with Peterson come directly after news broke last week that¬†Peterson was accused of child abuse. The food allergy community felt a big loss as Peterson’s role model status is now seriously in question.

In July 2012, Adrian Peterson had a severe reaction to shellfish, which was then diagnosed as a food allergy. Since that time, Adrian has spoken publicly about his shellfish allergy and helped raise awareness of anaphylaxis and the need to carry epinephrine (such as the EpiPen). He has become a role model for many youth living with food allergies, including my 6 year old daughter, who also has a shellfish allergy and felt she could relate to Adrian Peterson.

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Organic Valley family farms across the Midwest are hosting public tours of their Midwest farms this weekend on Saturday, September 20 and all are welcome. We visited the Zweber Farm a couple of years ago and I’m so excited to head back this weekend, as so are my kids!

Each farm is a bit different so I expect the tours will be a bit different from farm to farm. Organic Valley calls the tours interactive and says visitors will “engage with their food source through hands-on activities, butter making and hayrides, enjoy delicious Organic Valley food samples, and experience cows, calves, hens and other farm animals at pasture.”

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Suddenly the temperatures dropped in Minnesota this past week. We’ve barely experienced summer, with only a handful of days at 80 degrees or higher. And now we’re back to 60 degree weather again. I’m enjoying adding a layer of clothing each morning – there’s something so comforting about sweaters. But I am not giving up my open-toed shoes yet. I gave my toes a fresh coat of a deep orange polish last night, so at least they’ll match the season.

We’ve made it through the first two weeks of school; my kiddos have transitioned even better than I expected. They seem genuinely excited to see their friends each day. I was worried the homework might trip them up, but it hasn’t been too bad. Although their teachers aren’t requiring massive amounts of reading yet at the beginning of the year, I’m keeping up our 30-minute a day reading requirement from summer and they aren’t revolting yet. If anything, the more we read, the more they fall in love with books. Continue Reading


We all survived the first week of school. The kids are happy to be back with their friends. I’m still trying to catch up as I’m losing an hour of sleep and getting back in the swing of making lunches each night.

To cap off the first week, the kids’ school parish held their annual “Family Fun Fest” and we had so much fun we’ll be remembering it for years. It had all the ingredients for a great festival, very much like the ones I attended growing up. There was live music, bingo, big inflatable structures for the kids, carnival games, food and a silent auction.

Avery had an unlimited bracelet for the inflatables and spent two hours straight running through this big inflatable obstacle course. She was having so much fun, I had to keep pausing her to drink water in between races.

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After a successful year in Kindergarten, Avery had a fun summer and learned how to ride her bike with no training wheels!

Wow, to think just a year ago I was a complete bundle of nerves waiting for my little one with food allergies to start Kindergarten. And WHAM suddenly the year flew by and we’re getting ready to begin first grade in just a few days.

Some of you have asked for updates on Avery’s first year in school and how things went with food allergy management. We had a successful year – there were no food allergy reactions at school or after-school care the entire year. I never received the “dreaded phone call” and my daughter was able to focus her energy on learning to read and making friends.

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