I wear glasses 95% of the time. #glassesatwork

Note: This post is about my experiences going through the process to get LASIK eye surgery as a brand ambassador of Joffe MediCenter.

Some of you have heard me talking about LASIK a bit on Twitter and Facebook the last couple of weeks as I’ve been preparing myself for the possibility of having the surgery. Here’s the back story… and then the NOW story!

I first started wearing glasses when I was 12 years old. My children started wearing them at ages 2 and 5. You could say wearing glasses is a part of who we are as a family. Every night I take my daughter’s glasses from her face as I kiss her good night, placing them on her dresser. Every morning as we get ready for our day, I call after my son to put his glasses on before we leave.

I can’t even get out of bed without my glasses on… I can make out some shapes and colors, but generally speaking, I need glasses for everything. I’ve been nearsighted most of my life. There was a time I wore contacts frequently. It wasn’t until I was in college and could save up my own money that I could afford them. I tried many different kinds and wore them off and on for 10-15 years. And then my eyes started to feel more and more dry and I had a tough time finding contacts that really felt comfortable. I tried disposables, soft lenses, hard lenses, daily wear. In the last year, I’ve probably worn contacts less than 10 times. They just feel like more hassle than they are worth.

Some days I wish I could wear sunglasses like “regular people” #glassesonaboat

And yet, I wish I could see without glasses. I wish I could wake up in the middle of the night and NOT knock my glasses over from my nightstand to the floor and fumble around until I find them. I wish I could take a shower and actually see what I’m doing. I wish I could wear sunglasses instead of constantly shading my eyes or wearing goofy clip on lenses. I wish overhead lighting didn’t bother me because the way it bounces off my glasses. I wish I could kiss my boyfriend without clinking our glasses together. I wish I could walk inside a building in the loooong Minnesota winter without having to wait for my glasses to defrost (defog?) before I can see anything.

The last couple of years I’ve been thinking about getting LASIK eye surgery. I only know a couple of people who have had it done and they’ve had positive experiences. A few years ago I even looked into how much it costs and how much my insurance would pay. I remember feeling discouraged when I heard the total, as I never have leftover money in my medical flex spending I could use for it. We have a lot of medical expenses in this house. And for that reason I haven’t seriously pursued it.

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When you first wake up in the morning. How do you feel? What is your mood like? Do you start out happy and positive or grumpy and mean? Scared or sad or heartbroken?  What does your heart feel like when you first get out of bed? What does your voice sound like when you say your first words?

At what point does your mood start to change? Who impacts your happiness? Kids? Spouse? Traffic? Coworkers? Weather reporter?

I took the picture above at a conference last week.* It was the first time I had heard that particular phrase and it got my attention.  ”Never put the key to your happiness in somebody else’s pocket.” Yes, that makes sense.

We get to decide how we act and how we react. We have the power to make something worse or make it better. We get to decide who we spend our time with. We always have the choice to say “no” or “this doesn’t work for me,” even if we find it incredibly difficult to do so.

And when we get stuck (emotionally or physically), we get to choose if we want to stay stuck or try to get unstuck.

All of these choices are gifts. And the amazing, wonderful thing about this is that each day we have the opportunity to make new choices. Even if they are different from yesterday. Especially if they are different from yesterday.

And so, when you go to sleep tonight, how will your heart feel? What will your voice sound like as you go to bed? What choices can you make today to influence your tonight and tomorrow morning?

*Slide and presenter from Experience Happiness.

I recently came across a series of short YouTube videos which demonstrate using an epinephrine auto-injector for a severe allergic reaction. The videos show a pair of hands holding the devices and injecting them into the air, rather than into an orange or banana like I’ve seen in the past.

The neat thing about these videos is you can actually watch the needle and medicine eject from the device, and then watch it retract. This is particularly interesting because many people have a lot of fear and/or anxiety  using these “shots” themselves.

The EpiPen is the device produced by Mylan Pharmacutical and has been on the market the longest. The instructions say to hold the injector in place for 10 seconds after injecting.

EpiPen® Firing Demo (adult dose)

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For my Minnesota friends, are you participating in Give to the Max Day? What charities are you supporting?I love hearing the stories of why people donate.

I was invited to share my story about a non-profit close to my heart by the folks over at Red Current. You can see it here: Saving and Changing Lives Affected by Food Allergies. A big thank you to Red Current for giving me the opportunity to share.



When I heard this song on the radio last week, I had to Shazam it and find out who sang it. The singer is Ed Sheeran, which didn’t surprise me because I had used Shazam on two other songs he sings in the last few months. I figured it was enough of a trend that I’d probably like his album and so I bought his latest one “x” which came out in June 2014.

And then I found the music video for the song “Thinking Out Loud” and I was mesmerized. Incredibly impressed with Ed’s dancing ability but even more so with the woman who dances with him. So beautifully choreographed. The best is watching the expressions on Ed’s face – usually smiling or smitten. He could have a future in acting, too.

Other songs I love from this album include “Don’t” and “Tenerife Sea.” Are you an Ed Sheeran fan? How did you first hear his music? I’d love to know.


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