Last month we traveled to Florida by airplane. It was the first time my children have flown, and it was a very big deal for us, especially since my daughter has severe food allergies. She is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts (all other nuts), shellfish, eggs and melons. I had many concerns getting ready for the trip – I was worried about peanut residue on the plane and if people would be eating peanuts around us.

I’m happy to report everything went well. Here are some of things we did to prepare:

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Last night each of my kids had a friend stay over. And my house is super clean. What just happened?!

We don’t have friends spend the night very often. My kids spend every other weekend with their Dad, for starters, and on the weekends they’re with me, we usually have plans that would make it impossible to host sleepovers.

But this weekend, it finally worked out for both kids to invite a friend over (after weeks of trying to coordinate with other parents). I wondered if having four kids instead of two would be challenging, but it was a breeze. Everyone got along well and had a great time. And me? I’m over the moon happy that I spent a quiet weekend at home and was able to catch up on some things. And my house is cleaner than it was before. :)

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This week is Food Allergy Awareness Week – and you all know this is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, so of course I’m going to write something about it, right? Right! Below is a great infographic from FARE which illustrates some of the top stats on food allergies. Please take a moment to read it. Consider sharing it with your network!




Traveling with kids isn’t the easiest. This was my first time taking my kids on an airplane and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of them. But they did much better than I had even hoped, especially compared to all the other, younger, LOUDER kids headed to Orlando… I think all the crying kids were next to me.

Vacation was awesome. Even if some of the days were cold and rainy when we were hoping for 80 and sunny. And even if I still occasionally had to do dishes and brush little teeth and make sure everyone had clean underwear… it was so worth it. We had a blast and created a ton of memories.

Showing my kids Walt Disney World and Universal Studios for the first time was a thrill and very meaningful being able to provide them with these experiences. Especially since this was my first time doing each of these things, too! There was something very powerful about seeing the castle at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and taking a picture of my kids standing in front of ┬áit. I can’t really describe it, but it was both heavy and sweet, even emotional.

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We’ve been traveling this past week – the kids first airplane ride and first trip to Florida. We visited theme parks and spent not-quite-enough time at the pool.

Looking forward to blogging about our trip when we get home. Many of you have been curious how we managed air travel with food allergies, so I’ll be sure to share all the details soon!

Sending this post from the plane before we take off from home. :)

Here’s a couple fun pics from the trip.





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