I have a weakness for personalized items. In fact, I didn’t even realize how much I had until I started putting this post together. Here are a few of my favorites that you might want for yourself:
Necklace for me – I get compliments on this every time I wear it. From Whatshebuys.com.

Wall letters for both rooms from Craft Cuts.

(Alex isn’t in a crib anymore… this is an old picture)

Picture Frame designed and personalized for Avery’s room from Camille Love Designs.

A number of things from Pottery Barn Kids.

Easter Baskets

Anywhere Chair and My First Anywhere Chair

We also have Baby’s First Christmas personalized ornaments from Lenox

This cute knit hat is for kiddos ages 1-3 and was a gift for Avery when she was born. It was purchased from 1-2-3 Exclusively.

I’ll stop there for today. What personalized items do you love?

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16 Responses to “Put your name on it. Personalized items.”

  1. Kim says:

    Okay, that hat is super adorable.

    Once e is out of his crib and we get bunk beds I would like to put their names on the wall. (I hate making holes that I just need to patch later!)

  2. the cheap chick says:

    I am so sad. I own NOTHING with my name on it – Erin is a hard name to find. Now I feel deprived!

  3. anti-supermom says:

    Can you guess it, I’ve never purchased a thing with our names on it. We have letters in Henry’s room which were a gift and stockings sewn by my mother – otherwise nada.

    I’ve seen the hat before, it’s just adorable.

  4. Kristin says:

    I am so glad you included the 1 2 3 Exclusively hats. That is my favorite gift to give!!! I also love the personalized bags from LLBean. Personalization and shipping are free if you get their credit card!

  5. amy says:

    i totally love personalized things, but i have to say, we have nothing with our names on it. wait… sam has a door sign on his room, but other than that, we’re personalization-less. hmmm… i love avery’s hat! maybe that’s our first step!

  6. DeuceMom says:

    Such cute things! I’ve been looking for a mom necklace that I can add to (in case we’re not done at one, or two…) Just to give you fair warning, I’m probably going to lift this awesome post idea, but you know I’ll give you cred!!

  7. Anna's Mommy says:

    I have letters on the wall and the anywhere chair. I did the letters myself–painted them white and decopaged flowers cut from the wallpaper trim in her room over the top to match.

    Kim–at first I did use nails, but what works better is mounting strips, basically thick double sided tape. No holes! Unless the letters you choose are heavy, mounting strips/tape should work just fine.

  8. Amelia Sprout says:

    Those are so cute. M’s name isn’t common, or a common spelling, so I suspect that we will have to custom do anything we want with her name on it. However, I guess I’m not that into it. Just initials. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have a name that isn’t really even a name, so there was never a chance it was on anything. (since my name on my blog is not my real name, you just have to trust me)

    We have an anywhere chair though, but got it in store so not personalized. It was a great purchase, she loves it.

  9. Marketing Mama says:

    Thanks for all the great comments everyone! Kim – I used removable “web” adhesive spray on the letters, no holes for us either! It’s supposed to come off easily and not leave a mess…

    Just to clarify – all of these items were custom ordered (Avery’s name isn’t very common). We wouldn’t have any of these things if I had to find our names already printed on things!

  10. Rachel says:

    I love finding anything with my sister’s name on it. There aren’t a lot of “Cara” products out there. It’s good to know that these types of things can be custom ordered though!

  11. San Diego Momma says:

    I love our personalized Advent calendar. Except the company spelled our name wrong. Still…it’s kinda right and I was too cheap to send it back.

  12. Lady Ireland says:

    I personalised a beautiful rocking chair for my husband’s godson last year, it went down a real treat. I also love my Personalised Christmas Ornaments that I got from my friend. I love hanging them out every year on the tree! I have personalised decorations for all my kids. They love them.

  13. Rebecca says:

    I love YOUR items. I’m inspired! So cute. The necklace is my favorite.

  14. Aly says:

    I am a personalization nut too!

    Just got my son this personalized backpack and we have personalized onesies and T-shirts we bought from Ducle Baby Crafts.

    Now I have to go check out that personalized necklace you bought. I love that!

  15. sheri says:

    my daughter has a photo-personalized book with her name & pic, http://www.MiniMeBooks.com (I am biased – I write the book for her! 🙂

  16. Recovering procrastinator says:

    I have my name in hot lead type glued to a little wooden stand on my computer at work. I love it.

    My kids have their initials above their beds and above their book case are signs with each of their names.



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