Do you know about Signing Time? Did you catch me talking about the Signing Time concert in the Twin Cities last month? I wrote about it here. And here. I was pretty excited because Signing Time is a big part of my family’s life, and has been since we introduced signing to Alex as an infant. I’m a HUGE fan of signing to help babies and toddlers communicate before they are able to speak verbally. It has been a wonderful tool for our family and I wish all families could experience its benefits! Here are some posts I’ve written about signing with my kiddos: Alex: It’s Signing Time and Avery: Using Sign Language to Transition.

When Rachel, the star of Signing Time, was in town, I took time off work for us to see her at the special story time at Kiddywampus, a pretty cool children’s toy store and studio/classroom. Here’s a pic of Alex and Avery with Rachel. She commented on how cute it was that they were dressed in orange and purple – the signature colors of Alex and Leah, the children stars of the show. I didn’t plan it out that way, I swear! But I think Rachel believed I dressed my kids that way intentionally. Trust me, I’m just not THAT organized, or thoughtful, or… that mom who would dress her kids up like the stars of the show. 😉

April 2010 238
Story time was packed! Alex and Avery loved seeing Rachel read and sign their favorite books, like The Hungry Little Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. And that cute brunette on the left? That’s Ronai, of Ronai Signs – a Master Signing Time Instructor who teaches sign at Kiddywampus. She organized and promoted the story time events and concert and deserves much praise for all of the events being a great success!

The concert that evening was just as much fun – and Rachel involved the audience quite a bit, bringing volunteers up on stage. In addition to singing and signing, Rachel also gave a lot of history about how Signing Time came to be and how it’s evolved over the years.

April 2010 256

Alex and Avery had a great time and knew all the songs Rachel sang, although they got a bit fidgety towards the end and we left a bit early. It had been a long day, for all of us, but very good.

April 2010 260
Thanks to Rachel and Ronai for making the Signing Time events possible! See Rachel’s awesome pics from the event on her facebook page here. The Twin Cities LOVED having you here! I’d also like to give a shout-out to marketing professional Kim Opitz for volunteering her time to promote the event. I hear there’s already talk of Rachel returning next year – great! For more info on Signing Time, you can check out the web site, “like” them on facebook, or follow Rachel on twitter.

Disclaimer: Although I was planning to purchase tickets to the concert, the event coordinators gave us free admission to thank me for help promoting the event.

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2 Responses to “Signing Time Concert and Story Time”

  1. Kim Opitz says:

    omg – that was YOU with the lookalikes! I was standing right next to you with my girls when you took that picture — how FUNNY!!

  2. Julie Kieras says:

    That is a great post – I have been wanting to start signing with my baby but he's only 4 months… we do a few signs (milk, more, all done) but he doesn't get it yet! 🙂 I'll do more when he's older… fun event, wish I could've gone to it!



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