Disclosure: We received media passes to visit the Space Exhibit and the Journey to Space movie at the Science Museum of Minnesota. This is a special exhibit that has a separate admission fee in addition to the general admission to the museum. The opinions and photos shared here are my own.

I was so impressed with the new Space Exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Jason and I brought our four children to visit (ages 7, 9, 13 and 16) and they all loved it! We also saw the Journey to Space movie in the OmniTheatre and were equally impressed.

One of the first things we noticed that was different is a GIANT space suit in the middle staircase of the museum. We were all amazed at how big it was (maybe 3 or 4 stories) and instantly wanted a selfie!




















There is special admission required to visit the space exhibit (totally worth it), this is what the entrance looks like. Before you walk around in the exhibit area, you first watch a short video about space and the accomplishments of humans to visit and study space.




















There are many things to read and look at (such as these historical artifacts below) but there are also many interactive learning stations where you can see and feel what it’s like to be an astronaut living in space.


One of the interactive displays allows you to learn how to use a robot arm to accomplish a task, similar to how astronauts use them to do things outside of the space station.






































Avery learned how gravity works on this display where you spin circles quickly.




















Here Alex was learning about how space suits keep astronauts safe in space.



















There was an entire section about what it’s like for astronauts to live on the international space station – how they bathe, eat, even how they go to the bathroom!


This display shows how heavy a jar of peanut butter would be on the different planets because of gravity differences. The exhibit is actually peanut-free, the labels and coloring are just for display purposes (I checked with the PR person who checked with the exhibit staff).

There is a neat example of a science lab in the International Space Station. You walk inside and the walls move around you (while you stand still) which gives the feeling that you are moving in space.

Here is a short video of what it’s like inside the Destiny Lab exhibit. There was a pre-recorded voice telling us about the different equipment we were seeing and how it was used.

One of the coolest things we saw was a 3D printer in action via local company Stratasys. They even had staff volunteering in the exhibit to help teach people about it. We were enthralled with how they work and how the astronauts use them to make things in space that they need.

There are many more things to see and do at the Space Exhibit that I didn’t include here – we spent about 1.5 hours in the Space Exhibit and definitely could have spent more time in there. We had a reserved time for the Omni movie about Space, so we had to get moving. The movie was also very interesting and we learned more things about space travel and the space station. It was narrated by Patrick Stewart which was fun.

Here’s what Avery thought about the space exhibit and the movie (my favorite part is at 2:00 to the end). 

And here’s what Alex thought:

The Space Exhibit is by far the coolest special exhibit I’ve seen at the Science Museum. Everyone of all ages in our family really enjoyed it. I appreciated all of the hands-on exhibits and we learned a lot of new things about space and space travel that we didn’t know. I highly recommend you visit the Space Exhibit with your family!

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