I love, love, love springtime in Minnesota. Almost as much as fall.

I’ve spent all morning on the patio, listening to the birds, feeling the sunshine and the breeze. Sixty degrees is perfect for lounging in my robe, eating bing cherries and drinking a homemade latte. And working on my laptop finishing my time sheet for last week (#agencylife).

Life has been moving quickly the last couple of months, with the kids preparing for end-of-the-school year projects and finals (we have one graduating!). And we’ve also been trucking along with finishing the final touches on the house renovation. Each weekend we tackle a little something here and there, such as hanging drapes or artwork on the walls. I’ve gotten to the point where I just want it to all be done, where every room is wonderful and just how I want it to be. We’re still a ways off from that, for sure, especially when I only have a little bit of time to think about it each weekend.

Interestingly, one of our kiddos was recently diagnosed with combined type ADHD (both the inattentiveness and the hyperactivity), which is an entirely new health area for me to learn about. Of course, the diagnosis is simply giving a name to the challenges and behaviors we’ve been living with for years, so the only thing that really needs to change now is how we support this child as parents and teachers, and learning new tools on how to empower the child. I’ve been trying to immerse myself in books and Facebook groups to learn as much as I can. I’m amazed at how much pain and suffering children and their parents face managing ADHD on a daily basis (these FB groups are very, very real) and suddenly so many things I’m learning are like light bulbs going off – bing bing bing! I had no idea so much of what we’ve been managing all these years were common ADHD behaviors… and that there is a world of support and tools out there just waiting for us to discover. I welcome any tips or resources from any of you all who might have some experiences to share as well!

I’ve had a very busy spring at work, including travel to see clients and a couple of speaking engagements, which keeps me running at full speed. Last week I was at The Social Shake Up in Atlanta, speaking on a panel about being social in a highly regulated environment. The other panelists covered government and finance industries and I focused on health care. It was amazing how many questions the audience had for our panel, it was rapid fire for about 40 minutes. There are so many laws and regulations to heed when engaging with patients online and/or promoting a prescription drug or medical device.

This weekend is a good time to just breathe. Jason grilled some of his famous chicken and we ate corn on the cob with a couple of family & friend visitors last night. Then we had our first bonfire of the season with s’mores which was really fun.  #Americana at it’s best.

Looking back through my Timehop app, I’m reminded that it was one year ago this week our pup Ruby had her hip surgery. I was watching videos from back then when she could barely walk. It’s amazing how much good the surgery did for her, a few months later, with intensive physical therapy, she was back on her feet again. A year later she’s in really good shape and you’d never know anything happened if you didn’t know what she’s been through. Although, there are a few differences, she doesn’t try to dash out the door anymore and she’s more attached to all of us, especially me. In many ways, she’s my little baby (turning two this summer) and needs a lot of love and attention and walks. And we all still adore her so much.

I hope you all have a lovely extended weekend with time to disconnect from technology and connect with families and friends.

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