In sad news, one of my dear friends passed away. His name is Jim Heaslip and we worked together at Hazelden for a few years before he left to go to Ireland to help direct the country’s first adolescent addiction treatment center. Jim was like a grandpa to me – but he swore a hell of a lot more than my grandfather. 😉

He died unexpectedly and it took all of us by surprise. He exercised nearly every day and ate healthily, but died of an aneurysm while on vacation with his wife. 🙁

The picture here is of Jim and I about 10 years ago, in Ireland. I spent a week with him there touring the gorgeous country. Some of my most fond memories of Jim are from that trip.

Jim was a self-admitted member of the CIA (Catholic, Irish and Alcoholic). He had a wicked sense of humor (obviously), was a pioneer of Alcoholics Anonymous in Minnesota and helped literally thousands of young people and families through his work at Hazelden. He also has a wife and large family full of kids and grandkids who adore him. Jim’s funeral is next week out of town, so I’ll likely be offline even more than usual as I’ll be traveling and … you know… grieving the loss of a dear friend. (*For those of you finding this blog by searching for info about Jim’s death, here’s a link to his obituary*)

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One Response to “Saying goodbye to my friend Jim”

  1. Liv @ Choosing Beauty says:

    sounds like jim lived life to the fullest! i suspect the dear memories you have of him will continue to inspire you to do the same. i am so sorry for your loss.



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