I don’t write for this blog as much as I used to or as much as I want to… but I do write blog posts in my mind. I can even take pictures with my mind, too… There are times, when I’m just going along my day and I find myself writing headlines… or photo captions for blog posts I’m creating entirely in my mind. Poignant prose. It’s a shame they don’t automatically publish to my blog.

After writing this blog for so many years, thinking like a writer comes naturally to me. Whether I want to or not. There was a time I had more free time to write and this blog was my creative outlet. Now my free time is much more scarce and I’m creative all the time, so I no longer feel the need to fill a void on a regular basis. Instead, this blog simply exists to give me a space… a virtual place… to write when I’m motivated and when the urge to write is too strong to live solely in my head.

Posts about balancing, relationships, parenting, food allergy management, traditions, tips, quotes, quips and anecdotes. They rush through my head each day. I sometimes stop to pause and think, for just a moment, about writing the ideas down, but I usually don’t. I acknowledge them as little gifts of reflection and inspiration and charge ahead to the next thing.

But I miss the sharing part. The part when an idea floats out into the universe and there’s possibility of someone else reading it and relating to exactly what you said. The part when you send me a little note to say that a certain post made a difference in your life for whatever reason. That “whatever reason” – that connection we have as writer and reader – yes, I miss that.

So my goal is to take some of the pressure off from creating well-thought out essays. Instead I’ll try to focus on getting things out of my head. That means some of my posts may not be perfect. The grammar may be worse than usual. There may not be photos properly illuminating each post. And for some reason, I have a feeling that it will still be okay. That you won’t mind if my posts aren’t magazine-ready, but instead real. And out of my head.


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One Response to “writing essays in my head”

  1. Katie says:

    Hooray! I prefer the quick honest posts over the magazine quality posts. Can’t wait to read!



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